Snippet Wednesday: Meeting the imp

This is from Angel among Demons, a book I wrote awhile ago. A comment by Paul Weimer on twitter reminded me of this scene. So, this one is for you, Paul.  It is unedited, so it is a bit rough. 

The being that stood there looked like a winged lizard walking on two legs. A scar slashed across his left cheek. His scaly skin were the same color as the cliffs of Grand canyon. A large earthen pot were in his hands. ” Hello! My name is Jaf. I thought I would welcome you to the neighborhood.” His chatter washed over her, and Kate just stared dumbly.

” Here. I brought you some food!” he added and handed her the pot.

Kate eyed the pot, but accepted it. She lifted the lid, and stared at the stew. It looked like it was a tomato stew with bits of meat.” Uh. Thank you.”

Jaf turned around, and began to walk down the stairs.

” What kind of meat is it?” she asked him.

He paused and turned around.

” Oh. Nothing special we eat it all the time,” Jaf said, avoiding her question. Alarm bells ripped through her when she heard his vague tone.

” No, I am curious,” she insisted.

The silence stretched, and for a moment Kate thought he would refuse to answer.

” It’s a mixture of snake and wyvern meat,” Jaf said.

Kate choked down the nausea bubbling in her stomach

.” It tastes nice. Like what do you humans call them? Chickens?”

Kate smiled wanly at him. Thank you for the food. I hope I will see you again,” Kate choked out.

Jaf flashed her a toothy smile, and continued down the stairs.Kate curled one arm around the pot, and tugged the door closed with the other.