Sometimes, things happen for a reason

I got a B-12 shot yesterday, which meant I had the energy to pick up the revision of The Brownie Liason. Discover to my dismay when I discovered that the edits I had made on chapter Four wasn’t saved.   To say that I was pissed off is to put it mildly, so I decided to read something.

I did wander back into the war room, lured by a tweet by Laura Anne Gilman.   And, I decided to skim through the draft of Vampyrvinter. Which made me decide  to dust off the Jenny Stories idea, and then out of the blue : BAM.  See, I have been toying with writing a mystery about an innkeeper for the last couple of weeks.   The new idea meant that idea clicked with the brownie liason idea.    It would mean a extensive re-plot, but I think it wouldn’t be a bad thing since if this works out the heroine would actually stand to lose something.