Still editing

Before I sent the draft to the editor, I did one round of edits to flesh stuff out and polish it.  Except, I got to the halfway point, and then my brain went lalala.  Which explains why the first half was a breeze and this part isn’t.  Oh, there are no plot holes, just places were things should be expanded.

I have learned a lot with this novella, though. I have learned that not to contract an editor before I have edited it based on beta reader feedback, since my brain needs a longer break. But the copyeditor is great. I am planning to hire her again.

On a related note: It is really nice to find your production team early on.  I am hoping to wrap up the copy edits later this week. Then it is going back to her, so that she can tell if I have fixed everything. It probably will make her fees higher, but since this is the last round it will be worth it. ( I haven’t decided about proofreading yet.)