Taking the first steps on a new path

I’ll admit it. When I sat down to start writing the first draft of Cauldron B ound, it felt… odd. The last year, or two, I’ve mostly written in Swedish. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of the stories I wrote in Swedish, and there were times I wondered if I’d go back to write in English. But the way my brain jolted and spat out 5 different ideas when I decided to selfpublish put that worry to ease. 🙂

In many ways, this is a new path for me. While I have written in English before, this is the first time I start a first draft with the knowledge that unless the draft is riddled with plot holes ( which I don’t expect it to be, since the story is pretty straight forward), it will be published Dec 2014-Feb 2015. It is a bit nerve wrecking, but it is also the first of many stories. Oh, and it is also, the first story that feels like a novella and not a novel crammed into 35 000 words. My novellas tend to be packed with action. Maybe too much action, but why add any boring parts? 🙂


On the other hand, it is the first story for me to span 3000 (!) years. From the Dhurian Clan Wars, to present time Kanida. As a clue, the working title for the Duology is The Cauldron of Rebirth Duology.


How that happened? Well, I knew I wanted to rewrite a Historical Fantasy short story so that it fit in the Clan Wars, and I knew I was writing about an IDB agent, that stumbled upon something old and buried. But it was two separate stories.  Until I asked myself: What if the artifact they find in IDB 2 was buried by Dhurians during the Clan Wars? And tada. A Duology is born. ( Actually, it might be trilogy. I just haven’t decided about the third story) :).