The Orphan Girl part two

When I put down the tray on the bed side table, the girl opened her eyes. She looked at me. “You are like me.”


“I haven’t seen anyone like me since my parents died.”

My Heart twisted. I knew she was telling the truth. Few gnomes travelled to other realms, preferring to stay home. “When did your parents Die?”

“Years ago. I cannot remember their faces any more.”

“That happens everyone.”

She nodded but didn’t look convinced. I handed her the bowl and soup.

“You will feel better after you eat.”

She gave me a dubious look but picked up the spoon and began to eat.
Her hand was trembling as she lifted it. I tidied up the room while she ate. When she put down the spoon, she looked at me.

” Do you think you could tell me about the places my parents visited?”

I considered her request. I wanted to tell her that she would get  a chance to see them in person, but I knew that was unrealistic. Even if the First Healer let me take her to another realm, she would still be in recovery.

” Of course.”

She gave me a wan smile, but it was a smile.
“Do you think you could tell me a story Now?”

We are not here to be babysitters. I could almost hear the First Healer’s voice. I ignored it. If a girl wanted me to tell her about my home realm, I would. “I will just take away the tray first.”

She nodded and closed her eyes.