The plan for 2020

So I think I haven’t talked about my plans for 2020. I have mentioned it on Twitter, but not in detail. Since Twitter in a fast moving venue, I wanted to have it somewere more stable.

The plan is simple. (Caveat: This might change, depending on what happens with my dayjob.)

*Publish Vanished.

*Publish Daughter of the Dark in print. (Which involves lightly editing it, since I hsve grown as a writer since I wrote it: I was also dealing with a parent newly diagnosed in lung cancer,. (that summer is something I never want to experience again.) when publishing it.)

*Decide about a bundle with Exile, Vanished and Daughter of the Dark. (Which will mean getting Exile edited, etc. So we will see.)

*Edit and send The Shifter’s Justice to beta readers. (I would *love* to be able to publish one book per year in the Portal Justicar series.)

*Outline the rest of the Portal Justicar series. Right now I am not certain of the order, which is one reason I got stuck on The Sun Bird’s Shadow. It could be book 4… or not. (Considering how it starts, I think it is book 4, but I also think I need to know what happens in the other books first. Isn’t series writing fun?)

*Write a book or two. Probably one that wont be released for awhile.. Or it might be. You never know!