Promos and taglines

Promos and taglines

I have been thinking about promo lately. Or more correctly, my brain decided to throw out one for Daughter of the Dark yesterday, which… I loved. It is short, and teasery without being spoilery. I am planning on using it for promo, mainly on Twitter.

The plan is to either create promo graphics or pay my cover designer to do them. Or both.

Before I start doing promo I need to overhaul the blurb. sigh. And probably proofread the book, since I am pretty sure there are spots were I used 5 words when 1 would do.

The reason for this? Vanished. I am excited to launch it, probably with a pre-order. But… I want Daughter of the Dark and Exile to be the best they can be, so that I can say “Hey. Read the other two books about this character!” Without worrying about the quality. (I did the best I could when releasing them, but I have grown as a writer since.)

Anyway, I am off to eat dinner, before trying to edit some more.

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