The Source of Magic by Cate Rowan

 The Particulars:  Fantasy Romance,  indie, avaialble as e-book and in print 
The Source: Allromance
The Grade: B-
The Blurb:

When a gorgeous man clasps Jilian Stewart to his chest and yanks her from Scotland into a magical battle, she thinks it must be another of her bizarre dreams. Plagued by unnerving visions of this man, she’s sure they’re brought on by the stress of her mother’s deadly paralysis. Instead, Jilian finds herself ensnared in a world of fantasy, treachery, and family secrets, opposing the one man who can make everything right.
Prince Alvarr, her sexy abductor, offers a cure for her dying mother, but won’t send Jilian home with it until she helps him destroy the evil mage threatening his people—with mystical powers she never knew she had.

The Review:
This book has been on my wishlist since I bought Kismet’s Kiss. I never got around to buy it, until now. I am glad I bought it.
Teganne was an intriguing contrast to Kad, and it felt very believable. From the way the castle was described to the customs and traditions they had. I also liked the magic, and the fact that the Kyrra was limited. Once you burned it out, it was gone forever.
I liked Jillian and Alvarr. Jillian’s reaction to suddenly being in Teganne, and the struggle to adapt to it, and what it meant felt believable. Alvarr was honorable warrior, but I also liked that he struggled with keeping his country independent.
It was intriguing to follow Jillian’s and Alvarr’s romance. From the way they clash in the beginning, to how they gradually start to get to know each other. I liked how both of them had their own issues to work through, and how that caused additional problems between them. I also liked that they were ready to compromise with each other. The plot twists were unexpected, yet logical when they happened.
Despite all the things I liked with this novel, I never felt the desperation that Alvarr and Jillian felt.