An Writing update

The writing is chugging along pretty nicely. Or well my Scrivener trial expired, so  right now I am revising the Brownie Liason.  🙂 So far I have edited 10 of 64 pages. So, progress! I am aiming at getting 5 pages edited per day, so this draft should take me a couple of weeks to finish up.  Hopefully by then I’ll have the money to buy Scrivener :).     After that, the Brownie Liason is off to Lillian, so she can read it for me and come with useful comments, that I’ll hopefully know how to implement.

( I still haven’t revised the Wild Hunt after Kari read it, because I am not sure how to implement her suggestions. They are excellent suggestions, though 🙂 )

In non writing news, Mom nagged convinced me that it might be a good idea to get my degree. So I am working on that right now.

I have also decided to skip all the fancy things, and do Ecology for writers as a blog serial, then gather them up and offer them in bundles.  The problem is the images and stuff. I think most of the graphs and maps is  covered by Creative Commons license,  which  means I can use them if it is for non profit but not if I decide to make it into a book  :/.