Why don’t you focus on one series?

My dad asked me yesterday why I didn’t focus on writing one series, from start to end.   I just looked at him, a bit baffled and told him ” That isn’t my plan.”

But I thought about the question and decided to that more people might be interested in hearing me ramble at bit.

Because it is  a relevant question. I might not be a marketing guru but I know one thing: Having many books out is good, but having books in a Series is even better. Which is one reason why I am focusing on getting the Portal Universe books out first.  But it isn’t the only series I am planning.

I have  books from five different series on my harddrive. Some are  in first draft, some needs a major overhaul, some are in the revising que for next year. But what they have in common is that, with the exception for the Wild Hunt and its sequel, is that they are standalones.  They are either connected by secondary characters, or they are simply set in the same world.

Another factor is that I get burned out if I write in the same world for too long. Which is bad.  To prevent that, I switch worlds. I also try to not revise too many books in a row. Doing this often leads to new ideas in other worlds.  For exampe, I have a vague thought of writing about the Daughters of the Dark struggle to adapt to the aftermath of the events in Daughter of the Dark. I also have an equally vague thought of writing about the first Arch-Priestess, one day.

Then there is the fact that I can jump between series, and genres too, since I don’t have a contract.

In the end it also means more books for you to read. So I think it is a good thing. 🙂