Friday Bargains: A mix of good books

Dixie Rebel by Patricia Rice is free at Amazon and BN right now.  ( Yes, I already have it, but I downloaded it again since I wanted the new, spiffy cover. 🙂 )

Matchbox Girls by Chrysoula Tzavelas is 1.99 right now ( What are you waiting for? It is a bargain price for an awesome book. No idea how long it will last.)

Samhain has re-issued several of Shiloh Walker’s  backlist stories with spiffy new covers, and to celebrate they are 30 % off this week.

Breaking point by Pamela Clare is on sale for 1.99 right now. I haven’t read anything by Pamela Clare, but I have heard good things about her books. *ponders* Although, I think I have one of her historicals in the TBR pile. ( Or maybe I am mixing her up with Tiffany Clare..)

Harlequin offers a bundle of B J Daniels Cardwell novels for 0.99 right now. I read the first one 2-3 years ago, and liked it but I never got around to buy the next two books in the series.

Harlequin also offers a bunch of books for free ( this is more or less permanent free reads. But I recommend the Raeanne Thayne book, it was very good.)

This week, Harlequin have changed their Freebie Friday offer, and now you choose which books you want to add. Which makes it a much better deal, in my opinion.


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