Irregular round up of what I’m writing and reading

The publishing:

First, Exile now has a permanent price of 0.99. The price has already dropped at Amazon, other retailers are coming during the next 2-3 weeks. Why? Because Kobo was charging 2.70, and since I want to charge 2.99 for The Cauldron Bound, I realised that was unsustainable.  Plus, I decided a low price is a good way to introduce new readers to my books.

The Alchemist’s Apprentice has been revised based on betareader feedback, now it is off to another beta reader, who has never read my stuff before. *bites nails*  The Alchemist’s Apprentice is also available for pre-order at Amazon. But you knew that already, right?

The Cauldron Bound is off to the copy editor sometime next week.  I… am nervous, honestly. It is a novella and I am wondering if you will like it. I think you will, but I cannot read your minds. 🙂


The writing:

When I began writing Vanished, the current WIP, I made pretty good progress, but then I took a break to revise The Alchemist’s Apprentice.  After I finished the revision, I have been poking at the WIP. So today I decided to sit down and write a synopsis. Which I did.  The result is 1100 words that tells me what happens in the story. There might have been some flailing on twitter and in the war room.  Why?  Because Exile is 8000 words long, with a 600 words synopsis. This synopsis is almost twice as long, which would mean that the story will be at least 12000 words, if not longer.. I am telling myself that nothing is set in stone. Though if it gets over 15 000 words, I will probably push the release date to next year, so that I have time to revise it properly. But we will see.

The reading:

I don’t talk much about what I read, since I got burned out on reviewing.  I also tend to read in bursts the last year or so.  Anyway, the last week I have been reading a lot of cozy paranormal mysteries lately. I like to do that for a palate cleansing, though sometimes cozies gets too caught up in the characters life so the mystery gets well hidden.  I like Juliet Blackwell, though, so I buy her books occasionally.  I picked up It takes a witch by Heather Blake, since it was on sale. It was good, but of the easily forgotten kind.

I have also glommed on the first three books in Annie Bellet’s Jade Crow series. I like them a lot. Highly recommended!