Deadlines everywhere

I just finished the revisions for The Alchemist’s Apprentice based on Thirzah’s feedback. The feedback was brutal.” I like it, but I think it would work better if you focused on one character.”

I cursed at her in e-mail but guess what? She was right. I cut one of the POV’s, yet the revised draft is still almost as long as the previous version. It is also much more focused, more punchier.

Now I am going let it sit, then it will be off to another beta reader, then I will edit it, then I will get it proof read.  And all this before May 22nd.

Did I mention I’ll get the copy edits for The Cauldron Bound back at May 15th or thereabouts?

The good part is that I can put the copy edits aside until I have wrapped up the polishing of The Alchemist’s Apprentice.