So I finished the draft

Yesterday, I finished the draft of Vanished. It is a bit messy, but it is done at a smidgen over 10 000 words. I also looked at the schedule and what I had done during the last month.  And decided that I needed a break.

So I am taking the week off from writing.  And editing. And revising. I might write some blogposts. And I might do some world building.

Mostly, I am planning to read, though. Lots and lots of books, both non-fiction and fiction. 🙂

Oh. I also bought a shiny cover for Frosthold. Yes, I know, Frosthold isn’t due to be released until late 2016. But the cover is beautiful, in a timeless way that reminded me of old leather bound hardcovers. So I am happy.  This time around I am planning on

I am also planning to re design the covers for Exile and the Cauldron Bound. Part of me is really reluctant to spend a lot of money for the cover of a short story.  But none of the pre-mades I have looked at fit. Except maybe one cover by Patty Jansen. Hm.   In fact, this is the first pre-made cover I have felt I had to have.

Anyway. Now I am off to read a book or two. See you after I get back from my break. 🙂