Rambles ahead

This will be a slightly rambling post, since I am tired and has a slight headache. Sorry.

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I finished Frosthold a week ago and I am currently revising The Cauldron Bound. The revisions are going really good. I have added almost 2000 words so far, and I am roughly at the 40% mark.  So I am really happy.  The goal is to finish the revision by November 1st. Then it is off to Kari for Betareading, while I begin to type in Frosthold.

Hm… I just realised that I need to become better at spreading the revising out. So maybe I will write the Brownie Liason prequel instead. Or maybe not.

In other news, I am on a Romantic Suspense glom.  I am happy, though, since I have broken my reading slump.  Well.. I guess for most people reading 1-2 books per week are a normal pace. For me that equals a reading slump, since I can easily read 1-2 books per day.   If I have time.

I think part of the reading slump was because I am burned out a bit on my normal fare of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.  I am still reading and enjoying my autobuy authors, though.

Speaking of autobuy authors: There is a lot of good books out Oct 25th.  My brain is saying whee, but my wallet is whimpering.  Speaking of good books. Well, great books, actually.  You have supported Chrysoula Tzavelas Kickstarter for  Wolf interval, haven’t you?
If not, check out the trailer she created!