Adobe DE, Scribd and other reading related things.


On Monday The Digital reader reported that Adobe DE 4 is spying on Users.  And since ADE is the most common program to read DRM’d epubs with, it freaked a lot of readers out. I’ll admit that I am one of them. And despite the fact that the previous versions don’t send data,  I switched to Bluefire.  The drawback with Bluefire is that it doesn’t detect  e-readers so I cannot use it for library books.  For purchased books, though, it works just fine. And since  I strip the DRM of all  books I buy, I just need a program to open the DRM’d book.

Also this week,  Harlequin announced that they signed up with Scribd. I.. have mixed feelings about Scribd but I decided to sign up again. The fact that I used a coupon which means the first 3 months are free helps. A lot.  But I think I will use Scribd to sample new to me authors. Read Book 1 in a series and if I like the book I’ll buy it.

Earlier this month ( or maybe late September) Ellora’s Cave sued Dear Author. Which made every romance reader and author say WTF?! ( And a lot of non-romance people too.) But what makes me happy, though, is that the fundraiser for the legal fund founded in 4 days.    Seriously.  I still smile whenever I think of that.