So that was April

It is May 1st and I am trying to figure out where April went. It feels as if it was yesterday when we were celebrating mum’s birthday. /A bit stressful, since I got back from London 2 hours before.) Which was when mum first complained about weird aches in her leg. The leg pain escalated around easter, when it became so bad that she couldn’t get to the grocery store. So I never left after Easter (I have been in my apartment 3 times during the last two weeks). So  April was a month filled with visits to doctors and antibiotics. BUT! We found out the source of last week (after our second ER visit in 1 week). Now she is finally on the right medication. <3

In between that, I have tried to work on Vanished and finish the last touches on Daughter of the Dark. The key word is tried. I have made some progress, but I have so much to do. At least the formatting is almost done. Once I have finalized the formatting and done a final proof-reading and spell-check, I will breathe easier. 🙂