Daughter of the Dark is out!

Daughter of the Dark is out!

If I had been more organized, I would have written this blogpost yesterday, but… I am not organized right now.  Anyway, Daughter of the Dark out everywhere (Except at Scribd and 24 Symbols). I hope you enjoy it!

When her mother’s soldiers kidnaps her daughter in front of her eyes, Jenny is willing to do anything to do her back. Even working with the portal justicars to investigate the omnious rumors coming from her home realm, Dhurig. The investigation comes to a skidding halt when she discovers that the vampire king of Ahira has put a ban on portal travel to Dhurig.
Backed into a corner, she approaches Eric, a vampire courtier and her ex-lover. He gets furious when she reveals he has a daughter. He agrees to help her, if she helps him with a string of mysterious kidnappings. She say yes. During their search in Dhurig and Ahira, they discover that their daughter’s kidnapping are connected to a much bigger web of betrayal, greed and dark magic that threatens the stability of the Portal universe.

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