An life update

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in ages, but to be truthful I am not sure how many people is actually reading this blog. *g*  The main reason for not posting in ages is because I spent most of June studying botany. Which was intense, but fun.  It also meant I  was online for most of the month. So everything  was basically on hold.  ( And yet I somehow managed to collect 5 ARCs… ).   Which means July should be calmer, right?

Uhm. Not so much.  See, all the things that I put on hold during June still needs to be done.  Like deciding which subjects I’ll blog about over at Ecology for Writers ( I think Invasive Species are first up), and write reviews and other blog posts for Book Recommendations.

And write, of course.  I have been really productive the last days. I have typed in 2000 words, so far.  A part of me is whispering that I could finish the type in this weekend, but at the same time it is summer and I have been in door for the last two days since I got a cold. ( Or at least the beginnings of one.)

And I have discovered that most publicizing sites wants to follow new people for me at Twitter.  My reaction to that: Hell no!  I’ll just keep on being spotty with marketing my blogposts. ( Although I really should do it more often, esp for Book Recommendations)

I have come to the conclusion that I need a desk.  Except the only place for a desk is the corner were I keep the bags with books that I don’t want to keep…