Pasta w shrimp and tomato sauce

Pasta w shrimp and tomato sauce

I am not sure if I have posted this before, but since I just made it for dinner I am posting it again. This is a super easy recipe, that feeds 1-2 people. I got the inspiration when looking at It is very easy to scale up, though.

100-150 g pre-cooked shrimp (peeled)

1-2 tbsp tomato paste

1 clove of garlic.

1 dl white wine

chili powder

Turn on the pasta water. While waiting for the water to boil, do the other preperations. Mince the garlic, mix the tomato and the wine in a small bowl. Heat a splash of olive oil in a saucepan, saute the garlic in the oil, add some chilipowder, before adding the tomato-wine mixture.

Let it simmer on low until the pasta is almost done. Taste the sauce, add salt and chili powder if you need more heat. Add the shrimp, let it get warm. Pour off the pasta water, add some oil to the pasta if you want to. Mix the pasta and the sauce.

Eat while hot.

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