I should have written this post a long time, but I have been focused on editing Vanished.  Anyway, Daughter of the Dark is available for pre-order now, at 2.99.  I might drop it closer to the release date, I haven’t decided yet.

Daughter of the Dark


When the Dhurken warriors kidnaps her daughter in front of her eyes, Jenny is willing to do anything to get her back. Even if it means  infiltrating the Temple of Gwynfar on behalf of the portal justicars.  She quickly discovers that the portal justicars aren’t the only ones interested in what is going on Dhurig. So are the Ahiran government.

Refusing to travel to Dhurig alone, she approaches her ex, Eric, a courtier at the Ahiran court. He gets upset when he finds out about Rhiane, but he agrees to help her search for Rhiane. In return, he wants her help to find  missing vampires. Backed into a corner, she says yes.  As they search for their daughter, they discover that what they thought were two separate cases are in fact one. As they dig deeper, a web of betrayal, greed and dark magic is revealed. If they fail, they will doom the realm.


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