Busy February

I got home from Florida Feb 7 (it was so much fun). It feels as if the next time I looked up, it was Feb 20th. *whoosh*    I have been focused on day job ( new database to learn, new codes memorize) and edits. I got Vanished back from my editor ( the excellent Laura Anne Gilman), who gently pointed out that in a mystery it is good if they work on solving the crime. Oops. So, a lot of February was spent on replotting Vanished.  The outline was 3000 words long, but at least I have figured out all the plot holes. I hope. Hurrah.

I also got Daughter of the Dark back from the copy editor (dubble hurrah) 🙂  The plan is to work on the copy edits for the next week or two. ( I love this book. It is so good!)

Then I am going to focus on Vanished. Normally revision takes 4-6 weeks (unless it is for a really messy book, then if is 4 months *cries*), so hopefully I will be done at the end of April.

Then.. I get to start the next book.  Which also need a new outline.. sigh.

Anyway, I am going to read a book now.