Travel: Plans are taking shape

In between edits, I am planning for travels, of the vacation with family kind. In March I am going to Madrid to celebrate Mum’s 70th birthday. ( She is getting old. *clings to her mother*)   Which will be fun. BUT! The big, really exciting part is that I am definitely going to New York in June. This was originally planned for last year, but it fell through since everyone else couldn’t get time off from work/med school/ drama school. The hotel and plane tickets are booked, so we are going this year. (Yes, I know, I will be a melting puddle, hush.)

That isn’t the only plans that are taking shape. I am already plotting for August 2017. World con in Helsinki! It is going to be great. Seriously. I will get to see so many of my overseas friends. It will also be nice that I don’t have to spend lots of hours on a plane. Helsinki is just a hop over the baltic for me. I have been there once, briefly (= 6 hours)  but it was a nice city. I look forward to spend more time in it.