Friday Finds March 15:

I did Feed My Reader last year, but stopped since it felt too restrictive to me. I did like the idea, so I am giving this a try.
Jayne at Dear Author reviewed Shadows and Strongholds by Elizabeth Chadwick, which reminded me of another book by Elizabeth Chadwick: The Shield of Pride. I loved it, but I lost my copy years ago. But I decided to see if the library had it, which they did so I plan to read it this weekend :).
( Curiosa: The Swedish title of Shield of Pride is Skuggornas borg which in English means the Castle of Shadows (!). Isn’t it facinating how two different books get so similar titles?)
I have wanted to read Draw one in the dark by Sarah Hoyt for years, but I never got around to. Until this week, when I discovered that it is one of the new additions to the Baen Library, so I promptly downloaded it. Free is always nice. Maybe I should give Darkship Thieves another try too..
I love Patricia Rice regencies. Especially her earlier ones. And the Marquess is really early. It has been on my wishlist for a long time, but when I discovered it on Kobo’s list of books eligible for 90% off, I snapped it up.

Wendy Roberts guestblogged over at MurderShewrites, and her books piqued my interest. I love Paranormal Suspense and Paranormal Mystery, so I definitely plan to read her sometime in the future.
CE Murphy’sre-read of the Belgariad made me want to re-read it, but I am not sure were my copies are and the Library’s copies are falling to pieces. Maybe my brother has them, since they were his to start with, I just borrowed them for 10 years or something :P.