Yesterday, I realised that I need to replot  the Sorcerer.   Why?  Because I realised a couple of things.  A) There is a return home theme to this series.  Book 1 and 3 is about returning home. This one isn’t.  I would really like to keep that theme. B)   My agent MC isn’t threatened.  He investigates, but his life isn’t shaken to the core. C) I  scribled down the outline in… 2009, 2010? And I have grown a lot as a writer since then.

That said, the premise still works.   Agents must find the Pixie Dust delivery before it is spread through the state.  Or something like that. Oh, and pixie dust is a drug, that make humans very… compliant, plus it is highly addictive.

But, I look forward to it since the story needs it.