Giveaway: Old Races: Origins by CE Murphy

  Before the Negotiator, there were the long-held covenants of the Old Races: Do not mate with humans. Never tell them of our existence. And never kill one of our own. For time immemorial, these laws were adhered to…

…except when they were not. Delve into the secret history of the Old Races and discover the truth behind Saint George and the dragons, the origins of the mysterious selkie race, and the djinn betrayals that shape the world of the Negotiator Trilogy.

Last Year, I had the fortune to be a part of CE Murphy’s Old races Short Story Project.   And now she have published the result of the project as an e-book.  If you like  intriguing fantasy, this one is a must read. For this giveaway, I am giving away 3 copies of  C.E Murphy’s short story collection Old Races:  Orgins.   To win, just leave a comment with your e-mail.  

24 thoughts on “Giveaway: Old Races: Origins by CE Murphy

  1. I would be absolutely thrilled to win Any book by CE Murphy. Catie is a wonderful writer, and I’ve been a fan for a very long time. 😉

  2. Anonymous

    C.E. Murphy is amazing and she makes me want to write. Anytime a need inspiration I read the Negotiator trilogy and I just started Heart of Stone for the fifth time in three years so I would love to have something new to read in the series!

    Tessa –

  3. I love C.E.Murphy’s work and thought I had all of her books, but this one is new to me. Thank you so much for sharing and for this awesome giveaway opportunity.

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