Utter randomness

Yesterday, I realised that my winter boots were hiking boots, and not the kind to be used during winter. Oops.   I think I’ll buy new ones since they are 5 years old, and I think the soles are getting too worn for winter use. Especially this time of the year.

Oh. And I got a B-12 shot. Which means I actually have energy to do things, like searching for a job. And read the ARCs that I received through Netgalley. ( Intrestingly enough, I feel more creative with low B-12 levels.  O_O. But being a little bit less creative is a small price to pay.)

And I am going to see another play tonight, which will be fun :).  And the big national book sale starts next week! I plan to use up my giftcard at Dito then.  Although so far I have mostly bought fantasy books that have been on my wishlist.