Done, done, done!

After two years of on and off writing, I finished the work in progress. Yes, it is a mess, but I adore this meandering slice of life story about inheriting a house and then suddenly everything goes wrong. But don’t worry. No one dies or is badly hurt. Are there a bunch of dropped threads in the book? Probably but since it is book one in the series, I don’t feel the need to tie all of them up. But yes. There will be some clarification when I add a bunch of words in the second draft. (Spoiler: I always add a bunch of words in the second draft… and often in the third draft too. )

Anyway. The messy first draft of House Witch (which is a title that doesn’t fits at all) is done at 46 500 words. Which is a decent sized first draft for me. The writing the end of the book also gave me some ideas for a partially written story set in this world. No, it is not the same series as this one. I wrestled with if I should make them the same series, but the truth is that they are too different. If this is series are small town paranormal romance, the other series is more mystery focused. Honestly the other series is my homage to an old swedish series about an antique stores owner that solves crimes. Just… with magic and supernaturals. Plotwise I might also have been inspired by semi recent swedish events. Look. If people insists on stealing coins and books I am going to be inspired.