And here I am at Chapter One again

I finished Cauldron Bound on Friday, and then had a CSI Miami marathon the whole weekend.   This morning, I sat down to outline the prequel story I want to write before I get  Daughter of the Dark back from the Editor, sometime in February. ( I’m sending it to her Feb 4, and I suspect a short turn around time.)

I cursed a bit when I realised that the short story didn’t want to be a short story. Nope. Based on the fact that the outline is as long as the one for Cauldron Bound, it want to be a novella.  But! I look forward to write about how Jenny managed to reach  Ahira, one step before the Arch-Priestess men.

Despite the fact that the draft probably will be 10 000 words longer than I expected, I can still finish it before I get the edits back.  After all, I wrote Cauldron Bound in 3 weeks over the holidays, so I should be able finish this draft in a month. ( Yeah. I know, just because I assume this, I’ll hit an unexpected plot snag.)

I’ll probably take a couple of days off, to give Daughter of the dark one last read through before sending it to the editor.

And once this draft is done, the juggling editing and revising part  of 2014 begins.  I’m not keeping a brutal pace ( 750-1300 words is  doable for me) , but I’m definitely keeping a writing/ editing schedule.  And yes, sometimes my brain gibbers, but it seems to have worked for the writing.  So maybe it will work for the editing too!   *exhales* But I am telling myself that it will be worth it in the end.

Oh, and I am giving myself the summer off from deadlines.  Still plan on writing, but no deadlines :).