And the circle closes

When I started writing, I wrote in Swedish. I still have the unfinished draft, somewere on my laptop.   But I was surrounded by people who wrote in english.  So, I switched to English.   Mainly because my ideas were in English.  And, during the next 8-9 years I wrote.  Some of it was utter dravel, but most of it wasn’t.   But I didn’t submit anything, since I mostly wrote novellas, and there wasn’t that many publishers that accepted novellas, back then. ( Now it is different, of course.)

As I wrote, and honed my craft,  ideas in Swedish kept popping up.  I played with them but in the end I returned to  English. But… at the same time, something happened in Swedish publishing. They started publishing fantasy, first in YA and middle grade.  And… said fantasy was successful, so they published more of it.   And, at this point, I started wonder if maybe, I was writing in the wrong language.

Except… I had no ideas that felt viable. Yet. So, I let them simmer for awhile. And, last year Trollkungens dotter exploded into my brain.   And, I had so much fun writing the partial draft.

And, after finishing the Brownie Liason, as much as I liked the story, I think I’ll never feel fully comfortable writing in English again.  The main difference is that when I write in Swedish I don’t have to worry about the language, I can focus on getting the story as good as possible.

Oh, and those older ideas?  I have plans for them.   One is, in fact, set in the same world  as Trollkungens dotter.  A fact I didn’t realise until I started writing Trollkungens dotter.

The other… is a small town  contemporary fantasy, that I am itching to work on.