Excerpt from Exile

I am  spending the weekend finishing the second draft of Exile. Since it I am planning publish it sometime in July, and it is  Midsummer, I decided to post the opening scene.   🙂 There are some typos but I hope you enjoy it!

I squinted at the scroll in front of me. It was written in High Dhurian and in a tiny, cramped script, by a long dead Priestess. I was certain the scroll contained the information about the Wise One my tutor had tasked me with to hunt down. If only there was a spell to magnify the script. I grimaced. Even if there was, the scroll was ancient enough that the spell might damage it.

Or the other books in the library. I glanced at the shelves surrounding me. For most of the other novices, the scrolls contained the gathered wisdom of the  Priestesshood of Gwynfar. To me the scrolls were headache inducing, and dull. Maybe I would have been more interested if the scrolls hadn’t been written in High Dhurian.

To me and my tutor the fact that I hated High Dhurian was another sign that I wasn’t meant to be a Priestess of Gwynfar. Too bad my mother , the Arch-Priestess, disagreed.

I sighed. If only Mother wasn’t the Arch-Priestess. If she hadn’t been I wouldn’t be corralled down a life path I didn’t want.

Like many Dhurians I had a gift of moon magic, but I lacked the devotion to spend my life as a priestess.

I froze when Mother’s voice drifted towards me. I shook off the brief paralyzation, and rolled up the scroll. This part of the library was technically forbidden to Novices, due to its proximity to the oldest scrolls. Which was why I had chosen it. There was information about the First Clan Mothers in other scrolls but it was watered down . What I needed was to read the scrolls written by them. Or transcribed by later generations.