The importance of thinking ahead

My publication schedule for 2014 is set.  I know what I will publish, even if I am not certain of the exact dates. So now I’m thinking of 2015.  Which feels a bit odd. I’m used to writing whatever I’m in the mood for. Now I have to treat it like a business.  Set a schedule, yet allowing enough flexibility for any changes ( both good and bad) that occur.

So next year I’ll make a loose schedule, probably more of a list of the books I want to publish  and roughly when.   What said schedule will contain depends on what I write during the next 6 months.  For example, I have 5000 words on Archangel’s Hunt which is my next writing WIP.  When Archangel’s Hunt is finished, I’m planning to write Cauldron 2.   It might be a bit optimistic, considering all the other things I need to do.  But once Daughter of the Dark is published I am taking a break from revising until Oct, when I  need to edit  A Shadow of Love.

Next year I am planning of spreading out the revision and the writing. I have to, otherwise I will get burned out.  And no one wants that.

That said, I have so many plans for 2015.  I’m tempted to take one year of from releases  and just write new things.  I realise that would be a bad career move, though. So I’m not going to. But if I did, the sequels to the Wild Hunt would be on the top of the list. 🙂