Let the travelling begin

For the next two weeks, I’m on vacation from the day job. Not that I plan to have calm days, though.

I’ll travel a lot.  It begins tomorrow when I am going to the West Coast to see family of various kinds, and Thirzah. It will be so much fun! *glee*

Then I am home for 3-4 days, which will be filled of last minute preparations for Shamrokon.  Then I am off to Dublin.  Were I get to meet friends, and eat fudge and cake.

Oh yeah. In between the travelling, I am celebrating my birthday. Which will also be fun. And having a cup of coffee with my aunt and sister. Maybe.

And now for the boring part of the blog post.

The to do list for today.

E-mail Thirzah

Add Thirzah’s number to the phonebook


Do the dishes

Check so that the new router works.

Load books on the e-reader.

Charge tablet+ phone

Pick books for Thirzah.

And probably another dozen things that I am forgetting! 🙂