Mostly about life

So I finished the rewrite, a couple of weeks ago I think. Then I firmly took a week off from writing, since I had earned it. (Also, because I managed to hurt my shoulder.) It was a good timing, though, since family from other parts of Sweden was coming to Stockholm. Which was fun. And then dad had some health issues, which scared everyone and was less fun (When my sister called, I thought she was calling to schedule the spa day we had been loosely discussing.)

He is fine now, and we have mostly stopped fretting. Mostly.

Then I worked (a lot) and poked at the notes a bit, got an extra book case, emptied the last of the boxes (yay.)

And then I had a week of migraine, triggered by the news that my 10/10 deadline had been extended to late November.(I called dad today, and asked if there was a connection between my deadline extension news on Monday and the migraine almost exactly 24 hours later? School book example, according to him.) So basically this week, I have napped. A lot.

The end result is that I am not as far into the worldbuilding of the next book as I would like. I am reading non-fic books and thinking about the realm and who rules it and what is allowed, and what isn’t (hint: slavery, among other things.)

It feels nice to take it easy, and don’t rush, to be honest. I mean, I am hoping to start writing it in November, and be done before Easter. But you never know.