My 2014 Re-reading challenge: January round up

I know. This is a bit late, since it is already February 10th.

In January I glommed on Lisa Shearin’s Raine Benares Novels.  It was nice to be back in this world, and follow Raine’s adventures as she tried to rid herself of the Saghred. The plot were engaging, the characters interesting.  Just like before, the last book was my least favorite. Probably because I really don’t want the series to end.

I also re-read the Moon series by Maria E Schneider.  I really like this series. It has an down to earth view on magic, and I like how it shows the trial and error it sometimes is.  The characters are interesting, and so is the mysteries Adriel and her friends are solving. The only drawback is that the next book isn’t out until  Dec 2014. *grumps* It is especially hard to wait since there is a free short story available, that feels more like the first chapter.

So what am I re-reading in February?

I am slowly savoring the Memory Sorrow Thorn series by Tad Williams. All 12 (!) parts of them, since the Swedish publisher decided to split each book in three parts.