Music and Writing: When Spirits are Calling my name by Roger Pontare

I love this song, but I have some bittersweet feelings for it.  It was 2009, when Spotify had just launched. I found all his albums there, and suddenly an idea I had exploded. It was such an cool idea, about a man who accidentially unleased a demon, and the woman who found his cottage centuries later, and their search to stop it.  I listened to his songs, and the idea grew, and grew. But the naive f00l I was, I didn’t write it down.  And then… the songs were pulled.  And the idea collapsed.  And it never returned. But maybe now that I have learned how to write a blurb based on vague ideas, I can revive it.

Maybe. But this wouldn’t have happened it I had just written down the idea all those years ago. So when you get a fabulous idea? Write it down.