So I’ve some good news and some bad

I have muttered on Twitter and in the war room about a phone call that isn’t coming.  Since I did get the phone call, I feel I can shout to the world that I have a job. A part-time one, doing stuff I’ve done before. Everyone says it is important for research, which it is but I also know it is really easy.   I also know that there is a backlog, and that I really need to deal with.  Ideally, I would like to be able to work almost fulltime for the first month or so and then scale down. But we will see.

The bad news is that this will probably happen smack dab when I need to gear up for Daughter of the Dark’s release, and since I need to focus on the new job, I’ll have to push back the release date to June.

This is not a bad thing, since I just realised that I need get an ITIN and not an EIN from IRS. The main reason for that, is that I suspect if I want to sign a  contract  with a publisher, an EIN will not be enough.  There are also other bureaucracy things I need to do.