Music and Writing: Keep on Walking by Salem al Fakir

I don’t often write about music, and how some songs affect me when it comes to various aspect of writing. But I have been thinking about it, and decided that I wanted to blog about it.

I love this song. Not just because Salem al Fakir is a great artist,but most of all I love it because it symbolize writing and publishing to me.

Yes, writing with the aim of getting published is hard, and there will be moments when you are wondering if it is worth it. But most writers decide, that yes it is.  They are stubborn enough to not stop, and submit manuscrifts to agents and editors. And then the are the equally stubborn ones that decide to selfpublish.

But to me, it also about  writing a draft.  Writing on those days when you have to drag out the words, or you feel like you never reaches the end.  And then comes those days when you remember why you wanted to write the story.  And those days makes up for all the days when you just don’t want to, but do it anyway.