Busy, busy

The rewrite of A Shadow of Love is moving along smoothly.  At the moment,  I’ve rewritten the first third of the draft, and it is much better.  What is making me continue rewriting at a rather brisk pace ( 5-9 pages per day) is that I’m reminded of how much I love this story.  Like Daughter of the Dark, it is fast paced and filled with action. The plot twists makes me happy, and what’s even better is that the rewrites are making them even better.  Which is as it should be, right?   I should finish the rewrite just in time to get the edits for Daughter of the Dark.

And after the edits are finished, I’m taking a break from this Universe.  I love it, and I definitely plan to write Cauldron 2 later this year, but since November, I’ve written one novella ( Cauldron Bound), one short story( Exile), edited Daughter of the Dark, and I’m revising A Shadow of Love.  And I’m starting having trouble feeling entusiasm about the upcoming stories I want to write in this world.  So. A break is necessary.

So what will I write instead? Most likely The Silver Hand, the Sequel to the Wild Hunt.  I have an outline, and I know the world.  Plus it will not require any revision of the previous story.

Despite this, Daughter of the Dark will be released this spring/ summer. It might be pushed back a bit, since I want to release it and  A Shadow of Love close to each other.  ( I.e.  If Daughter of the Dark is released in late May/ early June, I want to release A Shadow of Love late July/ Early August)

Edit: And there is a possibility that I’ll get even busier, cause life just gave me a pleasant surprise 🙂