Teaser: Blurb for Daughter of the Dark.

Teaser: Blurb for Daughter of the Dark.

To tease you, here is the slightly tweaked blurb for Daughter of the Dark. (Though to be fair, it only cover the first half. )

For a century and a half, Jenny McNeill have been living in exile. She has built a nice career as a runner, not drawing attention to herself. Until now. Now her quiet life is unravelling. Her daughter is kidnapped, her mother’s thugs have found her. To top it, she has caught the attention of the portal justicars, who want her to do a job for them.

Backed into a corner, she has no choice but to agree. Even if it means she will have to return to Dhurig to face the Arch-priestess of Gwynfar. But the portal justicars aren’t the only ones that want her help.

And while you are waiting for Daughter of the Dark to be release, take the opportunity to buy Exile  which tells the story of what happened when Jenny left Dhurig.  You can buy it at AmazonKobo, BNIbooks


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