The duology that challenges me

I  love all my stories, but there are some I’m especially fond of.  The Demonlord’s Escape, the first book in the Heaven and Hell duology, is one of them. Maybe it is because the plot was slippery, and that I had to make two tries before getting it right.  Maybe it is because of all themes I have in the first book. Maybe it is the fact that I love my version of Hell.  The draft is good, but needs another round of revisions, at least.

But the sequel,  tentiatively titled The Archangel’s Hunt,  have scared me for years. Why?  Because it begins in Heaven and I had no clue of what it was about. Or that is not entirely correct. I knew it featured Cat, Kate’s cousin. ( Yes, their names are similar. And no, I’m not changing them.).   The rest of the story slowly, very slowly matured in my head.

A couple of times I took a look at it, but it felt too unclear, too many pieces missing.   When I poked at it last year, I even began writing an outline.  But I  left it unfinished.

So now I’m  starting the synopsis from scratch. And I’m in love with the things that I get. Seriously.  I’m dropping in things that I *know* will be clues to the end. More, I know exactly what the villain wants. Which to be fair, I’ve known ever since I wrote book one, but I know other things too. Things that sets up book 3.  Hopefully book 3 will be written sooner than this book. This book is what I need after all the revising and editing.  But don’t worry, I’ll  get back to revising once I’m finished w the first draft. Which should be in early May or late April. ( Yes, roughly two months from now. A) I currently work 4 days a week, which might change in April.  B) This is longer than the Portal Universe novellas.)

Oh, and I’m also much better at writing synopsis now. Seriously. 🙂