Searching for a new normal

I began a new job three weeks ago, and I’m struggling to find a balance. Before I begun this job, I had been unemployed for a long time. And while it was hard on the economy, it was glorious from a writing perspective. I could spend my days writing.

Except now I suddenly can’t.  On the other hand, I set my own schedule. Which I really appreciate. The downside is that I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to work 4-5 days. I know that once the backlog is finished, I’ll be down to 2-3 days/ week. Maybe I should go down to 3 days to make it last longer? On the other hand, I suspect there is more backlog that they are planning on handing over to me. We will see. But I should be working 30 hours per week in April too. I could work more, but it is a balance between money and mental health. More than 30 hours, and the work starts to make me gloomy.  And it isn’t worth that.

But I’ll adjust to it, since I’ll do this for at least one year.  Meanwhile, I’ll just keep on inching forward on the writing, until I had found a balance.