A lot of Juggling

I think I have a bit better grip on  working part-time and writing now.   Which is a relief, since I signed up for Before You hit Send, which starts tomorrow. I’m so looking forward to it, I’ve wanted to take it for a long time but I lacked the money.   I’ve decided to work on Queen of Sind, since it needs a lot of revision.

I also started working on the Archangels hunt. So far I have 5000 words. Woot!  I really like what I got so far. And I also found the perfect cover for it, and for the spin-off novella I want to write.  I would buy both of them on the spot, except the novella isn’t titled. And since it is pre-made, I need to have title for it. sigh.

As for the self publishing, I created an account with Publit, which is a swedish distributor. Sadly, they don’t distribute to Kindle, so I’ll need to get an EIN from the IRS. BUT they do distribute to Kobo, Overdrive (!), Ibooks plus the major swedish stores and swedish libraries  so I’m happy.  Since there are rumors about Amazon opening a Swedish/Scandinavian store soon, it is possible that they will start distributing to Kindle too. Except I should probably get it up before since I think you need to be Kindle select to get 70% in new markets. Urgh. Sometimes Amazon is confusing.

The next more writing related step, is to find a better editor  for Daughter of the Dark. The first one was…not good. ( I might have mentioned it before. )  I do know which editor I’m contacting, though. *fingers crossed* ( Kari did tell me she loved Daughter of the Dark on twitter. I still haven’t gotten used to that, although Laura Anne firmly told me to :))

I’m also looking to hire a cover designer, or buying a pre-made cover.   ( I’ll probably hire one, since the pre-made covers I have seen don’t *quite* fit what I’m looking for.)

I’ve also been thinking about marketing Daughter of the Dark.  What I think I’ll do is to have a multi pronged approach of offering a free serialized short story (Exiled)  the month before release, and sign up for a blog tour.  I’m thinking Bewitching Book tours. ( They have a 45 dollar package for one week tour, which I’m ready to pay to get the word out.)