Writing update

This week… has been bad healthwise.  Here’s hoping that the next week is better.  Actually, it should be since I have the whole week off.  Aah.  The plan is to spend the whole week revising The Wild Hunt. The revisions is going fine, just very slow.  One reason they are going slow, is the fact that I wrote a whole new first chapter.  Mostly, though, it is because I’m doing it in Scrivener, and I’m revising it scene per scene.   I’m a bit surprised at how much I like it, since it means I’m taking my time with each scene.
I’m at Chapter 3 today, and I should finish it too.  Which means I’m on track for the goal for last weekend.  Oops.Between work and freaking out about the health issues, I’ve been too busy to get any writing done.Anyway, the goal for the next week is to revise 3 chapters, read books and eat a lot of candy.

Oh. I hired an editor for Daughter of the Dark too. Second time is the charm, right? 🙂

Here is a snippet from when Brid returns to her childhood home:

Her mother was dressed in a deep red woolen tunic trimmed with black embroideries, the traditional colors when in mourning. Her brown hair was streaked with grey hairs, and she had new wrinkles in her face. She looks old, Brid realised. Mother smiled at her.

“ Hello Brighid.”

Brid flinched when her mother used her full name. No one had called her that since Brid had been old enough to understand the dangers with calling the name of a goddess. She must have forgotten, that I’m called Brid.

“ Hello, Mother.”

“ I will show you to your room.”

Brid almost told her mother that it wasn’t necessary. She swallowed the words when she saw the fragile look in her mother‘s eyes. Brid nodded meekly and followed her inside.