Schedules and stuff

Ever since I got a call from Dad, asking if I was interested in a job, my life has been in a slight chaos.  To be fair, it isn’t the day job. It is just that the rest of my family don’t seem to realise that I’m working part time and  in my spare time, I’m taking the first steps on a career that will be more hectic than the day job.   The last two weeks? I’ve been home 4 nights  ( or was it 5?).   The main reason is that I’m too nice to say no.  Yeah. Need to get better at that.

The result is that while I have made some progress, I’m not making much progress on the revision, and the B4YHS assignments I tend to catch up with during the weekends.

I have made some decisions though.

I wrote a prequel short story to Daughter of the Dark in January, Exile.  Originally, it was planned to be a freebie but I’ve decided that I need a test run since I’m uncertain if  Publit/Overdrive distributes to Amazon ( I don’t think they do, but it would be so much easier if they did), so it will be able for sale sometime this summer.

This means, Daughter of the Dark will be out after Exile.  Not the way I had originally planned it, but things like that happens sometime.   Doing it this way means that I’ll be able to release both books in the duology close together.

Meanwhile, I’m busy revising The Wild Hunt so that you will have more to read later. I have so many plans!  One of the plans is to start posting snippets regularly.  These snippets would either be from whatever I’m working on.   Yes, this means I’ll be posting snippets from things that might be years away from being published.

So here is a snippet from the Wild Hunt ( This scene was rewritten from scratch so it is a bit rough):

Brid stepped out from the forest, grateful for the fact that the paths hadn’t made her utterly lost. All thoughts of the enchanted paths of the forest vanished when she saw the gleaming carriage in the middle of her grassy yard. It was sleek, with large wheels better suited to the paved streets of Myrddin than the rutted dirt road leading to her small hut on the outskirts of Tanglewood. Hide, her subconsious whispered. Brid took shaky breath. It was tempting, but she was the drysa of Tanglewood. She couldn’t hide every time a patient showed up.