So many things to do

A couple of days ago, Shamrokon tweeted: Just 99 days to go.  I stared at the tweet for a moment, and then panicked for a moment.   Let’s just say I’ll be busy this summer.  I’m revising the Wild Hunt, which keeps on growing to Thrizah and Kari’s delight. But being told ” More is good, since it is a fascinating world”by  Kari does boost my self-esteem. 🙂  The goal is to finish the revision in June 1st, but I don’t think I’ll manage it.  But I should have it done before I get the edits back for Daughter of the Dark.

I plan to spend most of June on editing Daughter of the Dark and revising Exile.  Or maybe the other way around, since Exile has a closer release date than Daughter of the Dark.    Though both of them is coming soon!

I have found a reasonably priced copy editor that I plan to contact soon. ( She prefers to do a sample edit, and I’m not going to send her unedited pages.)

Oh. And deciding on a marketing plan.  I think it will involve a lot of teasers.  Since the only thing I got to catch the attention of readers is my novellas.  There will be longer and shorter teasers.  I really like the quotes that Shiloh Walker posts close to release date, so I’ll make something similar in Gimp. That much I can do at least.  I am also thinking about swag for Eurocon.  I want to offer a free download of either Exile or Daughter of the Dark, but I’m still thinking about how to do it. ( I know what the easy way would be, but I’m not certain if it is the best way).  Which reminds me. I need to hire a cover artist. I’m leaning towards Skyla Dawn Cameron, I really like her covers.

But right now I’m running around finishing everything on my todo list before I leave for London on Monday.  I’m going to see my brother for the first time in 6 months! I plan to hug him so much. 🙂 I mostly plan to visit British Museum and bookstores.    And take a walk in Hyde Park, if my leg doesn’t hurt too much.