Tea, Life and Writing

I bought a small tin of Kusmi Tea yesterday, and made a cup. It was really nice( except that I should have let it steep longer), so nice that my mouth protested when I had a cup of Twining’s Lady Grey last nice. sigh.

My dad made the most yummy fried rice yesterday with mild turkish peppers, garlic and mint. I was a bit suspicious that the pepper was feferoni, since dad loves it ( I don’t. Too strong for my taste)

Carrie Ryan posted about plot structure on Magical Words yesterday, and something clicked. I have felt that I have slid backwards when it comes to plotting the last year. ( Which shows in the number of partial drafts I have. ) So I cannot wait to give her structure a try!

And life… I am maybe, maybe moving sometime next year :). ( It is complicated, uncertain and a bit sad)