Third time is the charm

A couple of days ago, I reached the point in the synopsis were I needed to re-read the first draft.   I hesitated, but in the end I decided to write the beginning first.   So. Yesterday, I started to write the beginning from scratch. This time, the opening is in the right place.  Today, I pasted in and edited the  sections of the opening scene that I’ll be able to keep.  I am itching to give it a more heavy edit, but I am refraining.    That can wait until the draft is finished.

Tomorrow I get write how Pinja finds out that her cousin is missing. Whee. Which is when the plot really starts. Hee.

And, I get to continue reading Människan och Naturen ( honestly, every writer should have a book about ethnobiology in their research library. Or know were to get a copy).   And the non fiction book about Vikings I also borrowed :).


Except Dad just told me it will take at least 24 hours before my jacket is dry enough to wear. Which means no writing. sigh.
*eyes Dad’s bookshelves*  But probably a lot of reading.

Oh, and I just discovered that Dad has a small stack of Post its. In A6 format. Perfect for revising. *rubs her hands*