Slog, slog, slog

Right now, I’m working on Cauldron Born ( or Bound).  And yesterday, I reached the part of   the draft that is an eternal slog.  The inner critic whispers ” This is crap. Shouldn’t you focus on the unfinished YA Fantasy instead?”, while I would like to finish it, I know that I need to finish this draft first.  At the moment, I’ve written almost 8000 words, which means I’m probably roughly half way into the first draft.

The draft is  sparse with almost no description, but that’s OK.  For me, the first draft is more about  getting the bare bones story down on paper.  Yeah there are  probably plot holes that I don’t realise, and the writing is clunky, but that’s what revising is for.

Right now, I’m looking at finish it in mid January.   I’m aiming for 15 000 words, but it might be longer.   But rest assured, when I send it to an editor? It will be longer, since I often add 5-10 000 words in my revisions.  The big exception was Queen of Sind, I added a whopping 20 000 words during revisions.