Recent reads: A bit this and that


The Forteous meeting by Christopher Kastensmidt.

This is a novelette, set in Colonial Brazil. Aliette de Bodard recommended it on twitter earlier today. I downloaded it and read it on the commute into town, and I am glad I read it. It was a really good story, and I cannot wait to read other two stories that is available. ( Also: Pretty, please write more!)

A Bodkin for the Bride by Patrice Greenwood.

I love The Wisteria tearoom novels, but I was a bit disappointed in this one. It was good, but I wanted Tony to be the lead investigator, since a bit of the magic disappeared. Though I still want the next one.

Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole

So my twitter feed is 50 per cent SFF and 50 per cent romance. And at least 70% of the romance people have recommend this book, so I bought it when Carina Press had a sale recently despite the fact that dystopia isn’t my genre.  Everyone that recommended it was right. It was that good. 🙂

I also glommed the Welcome to Hell series by Eve Langlais.  Since I was in the mood for something lighthearted.

And read a Nalini Singh short story collection. Which reminds me, I need to re-read her Archangel series. Again.  ( If you want really good books, read Nalini Singh. Seriously.)

Have you read the word warriors?

I am a part of the war room, founded by C.E Murphy 6 years ago.  We are awesome and mighty.   And as a coincidence several of us have books on sale right now.

Note: Links are to Amazon, since it is hot and I am lazy. Available at other stores, though!

Robin D Owens have no less than 5 Celta novels on sale for 3.99 each.  Heart Fortune, Heart Change, Heart Secret, Heart Search, Heart Journey. Normally you would pay 50 dollar for them so buy them!

The two first novels in Michelle Sagara’s Elantra chronicles are on sale too.

C.E Murphy’s Urban Shaman is just 1.99 right now, and the second book Thunderbird Falls are 3.99.  Great deal on two great books.

Laura Anne Gilman’s Staying Dead is 2.99 as is Hard Magic.

Chrysoula Tzavelas is running an 0.99 sale on Matchbox Girls. Y

All the books are awesome, I assure you, since I have read them multiple times. 🙂

And for one final piece of self promo: The Cauldron Bound is available at Amazon too, as is my short stories.


Books I want to read now

This is the books that are on my ” I have to have it now” list. Though I have already read Citadel of the sky, so I guess I am waiting for the sequel. *looks pointedly at Chrysoula*  Also, no covers, since I am tired and lazy.

Beyond Innocence (e-book):

This is the series I read when I crave something really steamy. There are lot of sex scenes, but the series are well written and the characters are interesting.  This time it is time for Jared and Lily! ( I highly recommend you read the series in order.)

Citadel of the sky (e-book):

You have to read this book. The magic is unusual, the character is refreshing. It takes a couple of chapters before it hooks you, but you will not regret reading it.

House of Shattered Wings( hardcover):

This is Aliette de Bodard’s september release and it is making me really excited. It sounds so good!

Shards of Hope (hardcover): 

It is Nalini Singh! Do I need to say more? It is out in June. Eee. Not long now.

Magic and Manners:

I have been waiting for this book ever since Catie began to serialise it on Patreon. I don’t do serials, not even when the author is CE Murphy. ( Though to be fair, I tried but I had credit card problems so I gave up.)



Recent Reads: Frank Tuttle

So Maria at Bear Mountain Books have been raving about Frank Tuttle for a long time. With that in mind, I bought All Paths of Shadow when it was free a couple of months ago, but I didn’t get around to read it until I bought my Kindle. I wanted to read books, and I wasn’t home some I downloaded some books from my account. All Paths of Shadow was one of them.

And I am glad I read it. It was a fastpaced steampunk romp with great worldbuilding.   From the conflicts between the various kingdoms to the magic, which was a  delightful blend of science and magic. I loved that the magic was so heavily influenced by science, it felt like a natural thing for steampunk.

Once I had finished reading, I promptly downloaded the sequel and read that.   I really appreciated how Mr Tuttle managed to build on the events in the first book yet create a book that works at as stand alone.

If you want to read a really good steampunk novel this christmas, I recommend that you read the books about Meralda, Mug and her friends.

Now I am off to buy Frank Tuttle’s backlist.


Five reasons you should read Joyce Chng/ J Damask

I might not like the cover for Heart of Fire *cough* but ever since I read it,  I have been promoting her books to anyone that wants book recommendations. Since they are simply great.  But I figured I would tell you why you should buy her books.

1.  She can write *anything* from children’s books to Urban Fantasy to adults.

2.  There are guaranteed to be a book that suits your mood. ( Except if you are in the mood for romance or horror, then you are out of luck.)

3.  No matter if the books are Urban Fantasy, Fantasy or science fiction the books are full of fascinating characters and mythology. Also Dragons.  Dragons makes everything better.

4.  Her writing is lyrical, beautiful.  It just makes you happy.

5. She is profilic, so once you are finished reading, there are more books for you to read.


Convinced? Good! Then go over to Amazon and Gumroad, and buy her books.  Fair warning though: Some of the books on Gumroad is pdf.  Or, you can support her at Patreon.

Not convinced yet?

She has plenty of free fiction in the shape of serials visit her webpage for links to them. Read one, then buy some of her books. ( Or not if you don’t like her writing.)


Adobe DE, Scribd and other reading related things.


On Monday The Digital reader reported that Adobe DE 4 is spying on Users.  And since ADE is the most common program to read DRM’d epubs with, it freaked a lot of readers out. I’ll admit that I am one of them. And despite the fact that the previous versions don’t send data,  I switched to Bluefire.  The drawback with Bluefire is that it doesn’t detect  e-readers so I cannot use it for library books.  For purchased books, though, it works just fine. And since  I strip the DRM of all  books I buy, I just need a program to open the DRM’d book.

Also this week,  Harlequin announced that they signed up with Scribd. I.. have mixed feelings about Scribd but I decided to sign up again. The fact that I used a coupon which means the first 3 months are free helps. A lot.  But I think I will use Scribd to sample new to me authors. Read Book 1 in a series and if I like the book I’ll buy it.

Earlier this month ( or maybe late September) Ellora’s Cave sued Dear Author. Which made every romance reader and author say WTF?! ( And a lot of non-romance people too.) But what makes me happy, though, is that the fundraiser for the legal fund founded in 4 days.    Seriously.  I still smile whenever I think of that.



Review: Wolf Interval by Chrysoula Tzavelas


When Chrysoula idly said ” One for Catie, a One for.. who?” in the war room, I leaped on the chance to read an ARC. And I am glad I did.

This book mostly took place in the Senyaza version of Seattle, except not. It was fascinating to get to explore other aspects of the Senyaza universe, and to realise that not even Demons and Angels are perfect, that they can make mistake.

I really liked AT. She was scarred after having grown up in her Father’s less than tender care. It was touching to see how she wanted to have friends, yet she didn’t dare to. Yejan and Brynn both had secrets. Their secrets was gradually  revealed during the book. I loved how the secrets affected the book. . And then there was Amber… who was more than a bit creepy. I also liked how their relationships changed through book, and how they represented different aspects of the Senyaza universe.

Together with the help of Yejan’s friends Cat and Jen, this slightly motley crew searched for the Horn of the Wild Hunt.The plot was well crafted, and filled with unexpected twists that made sense when they happened. I kept reading, wanting to know what happened next, if they would find the Horn, if AT’s life would be better at the end,

When I reached the end, I was slightly disappointed. Not because of the book was bad, far from it,  , but because I wanted to read more about the adventures of AT, Yejan, Brynn, Amber, Cat and Jen. In fact, I’ll be extremely disappointed if this is the only book about them, because I loved the theme about wanting to be normal, and the lengths you go to fit in.

If you don’t buy this book, I will be very disappointed because you definitely should. In fact, you can go and support the kickstarter that launched yesterday!

What I’m reading: The California Malcom edition

I read Risk of Love and Magic recently, and had a blast. I loved the romance between Nadine and Magnus.  They were both a bit wary to the other, and it was sweet how the wariness first turned into  affection, albeit an baffled one, and then love.

Their search for Nadine’s sister, and later the General was fast paced, and filled with unexpected twists.

Yupp. I had a blast reading about Nadine and Magnus.  So much that I went back to read The Lure of Song and Magic the first book in the series, since it had been more than 6 months since I re-read it.

The romance between Dylan and Pippa was well written,  and I enjoyed it.  It was fascinating to see how Dylan stubbornly coaxed Pippa out of the coccoon she had created around her.  I loved how they slowly realised that finding Donal wasn’t the end of the journey, but rather the beginning.

It was sweet to see how they gradually fell in love. I liked how they were determinded to search for Nadine’s sister and stop the general.

And no, I didn’t re-read Trouble with Air and Magic since I read it in May.

As for what I am reading now…  Wolf Interval by Chrysoula Tzavelas.  It is really, really good.  It is out in November, but I leaped on a chance to read an ARC. *pets the ARC*. Review coming later.

A handful of mixed deals

I used to post weekly deals when I wrote reviews. I am considering to resume them, since I was pretty good at finding them and they were fun to write.

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie is 1.99 right now.  This is a science fiction novel that has been nominated to a lot of awards, and recieved great reviews. I have no idea how long it lasts, but I snapped it up.

Risk of Love and Magic by Patricia Rice is only 2.99 right now. The sale ends on Tuesday.  I loved this book, and I am a bit sad that this triology is over. But I am hoping that it will evolve into the Chinese Malcolms series. *g*

The Genuine Article by Patricia Rice is only 1.99 right now, unless you are Amazon which sells it for 1.24 ( at least that’s the price in Sweden.)

Courtney Milan has released enchanced Editions of her Harlequin backlist, and they only cost 0.99 right now.


5 good things that happened this week


This is in no particular order. :).

– James Hetley released a new Stonefort novel.

This made me so happy. I love his books, and I had almost given up on reading a new Stonefort novel. It was really good. You should buy it from BVC.

Summer arrived.

The weather in June was a bit cold ( to put it mildly). But this week summer arrived with a bang. I am also reminded that I don’t like temps over 25 C. But the sunshine is nice!

– Patricia Rice named a character after me

I was reading Patricia Rice latest California Malcolm novel, when a character named Mikala appeared. I blinked, realised that she named her after me. It was the first time! ( Well, Kari did it once in a short story, but I knew about that before hand.)

The bookplate Nalini Singh sent me arrived

In May, I e-mailed Nalini Singh and asked if she could send me a signed book plate. Which she agreed to do, once she got home. It arrived this week! So now I have a signed copy of Shield of Winter, without having met Nalini person. 🙂

My cover was finalized.

I could finally post the faboulus cover that Skyla Dawn Cameron designed for me. I love it! And yes, I know, you have already seen it . But I’m just so happy. It feel as if things are moving forward. Now I need to get back to the edits…